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Visual Search – Ideas for Using Search Cube in the Classroom

Search Cube is a visual search engine that presents results in the form of a 3D cube that you can then rotate and flip. When you want to select a result, you just click on the square and it will take you to that website.

A visual search is a great way of presenting information in a different way, especially for those learners amongst us who prefer images to text. The fact that you can interact with the cube give students a way of touching their search results, especially if it is presented on an interactive whiteboard.

Here are some ideas for using Search Cube in the classroom:
  • Search Cube shows image, video and websites in the results so you could get students to focus on one type and look for those results – as in, check the image results first. They would then have to move the cube to find the images.
  • Students could compare how many images and videos were presented compared to text based web sites. To find out what the result is before clicking on it, you just hover over it and a description will show up beside the cube as to what it is and where it is from.
  • Because of the ability to see a description of the website, students can see whether or not their search term is giving them the sorts of results they are after, and they could then discuss how they could change their search terms to get different results.

What other suggestions do you have for using this, or any other visual search engine in the classroom?

Check out this site which has a list of the Top Visual Search Engines and a comparison table with details of each one. You may also be interested in this blog post: Bing – Visual Search, teaching questioning skills.

1 comment to Visual Search – Ideas for Using Search Cube in the Classroom

  • Julie Tee

    Jess, I really like this! I think it must be something to do with learning Chinese, but there seems to be a correlation between learning Chinese and being a visual learner!!! I had lots of fun trying out new searches using this and it really appeals to the eye.