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Example of Using The Talking Tom App for Speaking Practice – again and again

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7 comments to Example of Using The Talking Tom App for Speaking Practice – again and again

  • Great work Jess, immediate feedback on their own speaking production, and the kids were loving it!

    Do you know of any similar apps that might be more suitable for adults? I’ve had the SmackTalk app for a while and have adjusted it to try to get a ‘normal’ voice. The adults do seem to like the animals in SmackTalk, but not sure that they’d like the cartoon characters. I’ve just downloaded Talking Tom Cat as well, but am hoping there might be something which is a bit less kid focused, I haven’t been able to find anything as yet. I just use it one-to-one with learners as we don’t have any mobile devices in the classroom and I can’t imagine we will anytime soon.

    Cheers, Lesley

    • Jess

      Hey Lesley,

      Thanks for the comment! As for similar apps for adults – well, the only sorts of things that spring to mind aren’t iPad apps, but things like FotoBabble (adding audio to an image and being able to embedit etc) and Blabberize, where you make a photo talk – which probably isn’t that interesting for adults. Adults might go for something else like Voicethread perhaps? That are all web based ones though. As for iPad stuff – nope, just the voice recorder. Or, hang on, they might like something like AudioBoo where you can record audio, add a pic and it automatically maps it for you. Or something like Woices, or even SoundCloud where you can see the shape of the audio track. Actually those are iPod touch apps, but would still work on an iPad. Hope they were handy!


  • Lesley @cioccas

    Thanks Jess.

    They are all great suggestions, and I think I first heard about some of them on one of your technolanguages workshops :-) But I was thinking more of the ‘speak and immediate repeat’ apps like the Talking Tom Cat one. I show all of my adult learners how to record themselves on their mobile phones, but I love how these apps immediately repeat what you say without having to press anything, so much simpler. I have had a look around, but they all seem to be aimed at kids and most have funny voices, so I’m looking for one that just records and repeats, doesn’t need cuteness, just audio would do – maybe it’s too simple for anyone to have bothered?

    Regards, Lesley

  • Lesley and Jess,

    Fotobabble has an app for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Enjoy!

    Chief Fotobabbler

  • Penny

    I’ve found that adults like talking tomcat more than kids!! And even if they think it’s a bit cutesy, make the potential audience of the movie kids! That way it’s not just language practice but brings in higher order considerations as well :)

  • Lesley

    Thanks Penny, I’ll keep those ideas in mind when using TTC with adults. Personally, I like the guinea pig in SmackTalk, and I’m an adult!

    And thanks Kamal, Fotobabble is something I’m also looking at using with language learners, but not in the same way as the immediate repeating apps.